Vitamin Sea Music

These are some of my original sonic creations for your listening pleasure (or something like that).

About Vitamin Sea

By way of acoustic guitars, trumpets, deep synths and delays Vitamin Sea offers an eclectic musical adventure exploring Jam, Rock, Dance and Reggae.

Vitamin Sea is a musical project led by Cole Elijah and features musicians Chris Wheeler, Dylan Cunningham, Wilson Patton and Eric Zandbergen. The demo album, From Below, includes seven tracks.

From Below is offered as a free download. Please download it and listen! If you take the time to listen please let us know what you think by commenting below.

Listen To From Below

You can skip to preview songs with the arrows.
[audio:/FromBelow/WalkingAway.mp3,/FromBelow/GetLifted.mp3,/FromBelow/Deadmau5Jam.mp3,/FromBelow/MullyJam.mp3,/FromBelow/BasementGroove.mp3,/FromBelow/LamentoBoliviano.mp3,/FromBelow/Salvian.mp3|titles=Walking Away,Get Lifted,Deadmau5 Jam,Mully Jam,Basement Jam,Lamento Boliviano,Salvian]

Download Full Album

This .zip file in itunes mp3 format and can be easily added to your music library.

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