Tulsa WordPress Design & Development

wordpressWith all the different¬†Content Management Systems (CMS)¬†available it is sometimes difficult to choose which one is best for you. Having worked with a number of systems over the years I have personally become a huge fan of WordPress. Since it’s launch in 2003 as blogging software it has come an amazingly long way and is now the most popular CMS (downloaded 32.5 million times according to Wikipedia).

Why WordPress?

The best and most relevant answer to this question (other than the fact that I love it) is because it provides both a high-end result and good value solution to web development. As an open source project, the code is available to adapt to a variety of needs, allowing the same system to work across a wide array of industries and applications.

WordPress Administration

wordpress CMS admin panel
WordPress CMS admin panel

Ever dream of managing your website from home, avoiding expensive calls to your web designer to make simple changes?

WordPress allows users to log into their website from any computer. No special software is needed, just a web browser for most content changes. Furthermore, it requires very little technical knowledge to change standard content. Many systems allow users to even create new pages, menu items or blog posts. Once a project has launched most sites allow a user to edit their website as easily as they would be able to edit a word document. For instance, here is a screenshot of what I am working on now.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress offers a huge library of existing plugins to users. This allows for a web developer to pull from existing functionality to make a robust website in much less time than it would take to code the same functionality from scratch.

WordPress Themes

There is an enormous library of themes available for this system, which continues to grow. This allows for on any given project, by just changing out the theme, for the entire site to take on a totally new look. Not only can themes change the way it looks but many have become so advanced that they even change the administration panel.

Custom WordPress Themes

I am also able to design and develop a custom theme for your business or organization. Starting with a graphic file I can provide custom User Interface designs for your review. Once you have given your input and we have a finalized design I will mark your theme up for web into a custom WordPress theme, building in the functionality depicted in the designs.