Quincy the Panting Cat

So one of our cats pants after any physical activity. I’m not sure if he has asthma or what. Here is a funny video I captured after a short play session.

Modern Tulsa Philbrook Event Video

This video shows the Modern Tulsa event I put together for Modern Tulsa at Philbrook Art Museum in Tulsa. We hosted an opening night event for the Living in Design exhibit currently on display. Video by Winston Media.

Mothers Day

Hey Mom, Happy Mother’s Day to you! I have prepared a video tour of my life. Wish I could be with you instead. Happy Mothers Day from cole elijah on Vimeo.

fake camping concert footage

My band playing our self titled track at the Flytrap music hall in downtown tulsa on 4.02. I stitched this together from the little footage I had of the evening. Camera work was done by Brandon’s friend Jake primarily and a bit by Shannon.