New Single: Mully Jam

Here is my new song. It’s called Mully Jam and is a pretty trippy guitar riff based song with driving beat. I made this during the Snowstorm of 2011 while I was trapped in the house. Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think by leaving comment below. You can listen to other songs or download my new …

Vitamin Sea

These are some of my original sonic creations for your listening pleasure (or something like that). Please leave me a comment if you take the time to listen. [audio:Get Lifted.mp3,Deadmau5 Jam.mp3,Salvian.mp3,Web Ballin.mp3,Lamento Boliviano.mp3|titles=Get Lifted,DeadMau5 Jam, Salvian,Web Ballin,Lamento Boliviano|artists=Vitamin Sea,Vitamin Sea,Vitamin Sea,Vitamin Sea,Vitamin Sea] All music performed and recorded by Cole Cunningham & Chris Wheeler (Vitamin Sea)

fake camping concert footage

My band playing our self titled track at the Flytrap music hall in downtown tulsa on 4.02. I stitched this together from the little footage I had of the evening. Camera work was done by Brandon’s friend Jake primarily and a bit by Shannon.

LITA rough demo

This is actually my first video editing handiwork, so please bare with me. Love in the afterlife (LITA) serenades you with our newest song with visual company of  Wesley Cox on the dance floor. Band mates pictured briefly also.

studio session 1

Love in the Afterlife has officially hit the studio to record our demo. This is actually my first time in a real studio but I must say it feels very natural and seems to be sounding really good. First we laid down drums, then I played bass and followed up with Jacob on acoustic guitar. I am proud to say …