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Man Zone Entrance Update

So this blog has ebbed and flowed between personal and business over the years, but one subject that applies to both work and play is our home basement. This space has hosted many late nights of [...]

People are why

People are the driving force behind what I do. The different businesses I work with and various industries served make my job continually interesting. Your business truly fascinates me – [...]

SEO is like a Battle

I meet with a lot of new clients that are looking for a way to conceptualize SEO. The analogy of comparing Search Marketing to Battle makes sense in my mind, as there are a lot of similarities. [...]

Laptop Wall Mount Design

Improving my home studio is somewhat of a hobby. I recently designed a custom laptop wall mount as shown below to reduce desktop clutter. When looking around for available products I found very [...]

Crystal Bridges Museum

My wife and I went to Bentonville, AR for Thanksgiving, and after a huge meal, took a walk around the new Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.  The museum just opened 11.11.11 and is already [...]

Tulsa Santa Photos

Seasons Greetings!  This season I will be at Philbrook Museum of art as their official Santa photographer. They are hosting a ton of great events this holiday season including a fantastic Santa [...]

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