Branding: Cutting through the clutter

The subject of branding is often addressed but rarely understood. Many marketers miss the mark and fail to communicate the impact it has on a business and their customers. My partner, Trevor, is a real expert and as Sapien’s brand planner has worked to distill the complex nature of branding to what is really important. He confronts common “brand myths” and cuts through some of the clutter and misconceptions around branding in the following article. If you have an interest at all its worth the read.

Check out the preview and link below:

Part one in a recurring series about popular brand myths.

Even in today’s business climate, there seems to be a lot of confusion around what Branding is, and how it serves a business. And while that’s to be expected from those outside the industry, the problem appears to be just as pervasive among those who claim to sell the service. How can a decision maker invest in brand development with any confidence, when the advice they’re given is often misleading?

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