Getting to know Santa at Philbrook. And photographing him.

Ah the holiday season. So many traditions… One of mine has brought me very close to the big man in red, Santa Claus.

Philbrook’s annual Festival of Trees is a month of holiday festivities including decorations, lights, artisan made Christmas trees, and of course Santa. 2013 was my third year to serve as THE Santa Photographer for the season. Over four weekends my assistant and I took over 3000 photos of children, families, couples, groups with Santa.

A far cry from the The Christmas Story scene we all remember or what you find at the mall we aim to create a much more personal and dignified experience with Santa. Between Philbrook’s gorgeous facility, fabulous staff and seriously the best and most authentic Santa I believe this to be one of the better Santa experiences you would find. We take the time needed for children and groups to get comfortable with the big man and work for a good pic (and hopefully a smile).


Santa & I are pals.

Santa claus tulsa

Behind the scenes pic

Philbrook Santa

Alex shooting behind the scenes.

Thanks to Philbrook, Alex Horner (assistant photographer, pictured) and Santa for another good year. Hope to see everyone again next year!

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