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Man Zone Entrance Update

basement new oldSo this blog has ebbed and flowed between personal and business over the years, but one subject that applies to both work and play is our home basement. This space has hosted many late nights of renovation including some rather large jobs such as: rewiring electrical, rerouting air ducts and new PEX water supply.

This same space has also served as my home studio. It’s here that I’ve listed to many great albums and even recored a few songs of my own. I’ve built many a website right here as well and taken some good photos too.

basement studio

The grand finale (and hopefully final) project was to build a new entry to the basement. The previous was little more than a wood closet leading down a dimly lit crawl space. But there was potential to be unlocked! I had already cut a second entry, a trapdoor into my bedroom closet, that had been our primary entrance the past few years. A convenience and novelty, yes, but this lacked the sophistication many visitors would expect to a room, much less “office”.

Below are photos of the project a few months back. This project was hard earned with sweat and the aching backs of myself and generous friend/carpenter Cole Starkey (Sawteeth Carpentry). I presented the concept and original design and Cole helping bring it to life with technical detail and know-how. Together we created this entrance over a period of several weeks. Though only about 6×6 feet in area it seemed like a full addition in that it had a door, a window, electrical, insulation, foundation pour, roofing, flashing and tons of steps I am leaving out. In the end though, it is a fabulous addition to the space and asset to the home.

basement deck

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