SEO is like a Battle

I meet with a lot of new clients that are looking for a way to conceptualize SEO. The analogy of comparing Search Marketing to Battle makes sense in my mind, as there are a lot of similarities. Please leave any feedback in the comments!

SEO In short

Search Engines are trying to serve their customer (the people searching) with the best results for their given search. You as a site owner have to create the best results for your target searches.

Past Manipulation

The science of SEO has evolved considerably over time. Originally, stuffing keywords and manipulating code was very effective. However this has changed a great deal over the years. Today sites are penalized for trying to sneak anything by Google or being dishonest in their practices.

Search is like a Battle

To aggressively market via search engines is all out warfare. Each keyword ranking is a battle, and requires conscious effort. A overall strategy must be in place to determine which tactics are going to serve a project best.

The Strategy

Research first. Understanding the keywords that will bring the best visitors is crucial.
Keyword Assignment. Determine which pages will attract which keywords and build the content around that. Approx 3 words per page.

The Tactics

Content is king. A proven strategy is to produce high-quality content in volume. If you have the best information it will have every opportunity to rank well.
Freshness of content.
Showing you are active in your industry by creating new content is increasingly important.
Coding is crucial.
Onsite Optimization refers to aligning the coding of the website to the content. This is like raising a flag letting others know where to find you.
Links are Allies.
When another website links to your website it is a vote of confidence in Google’s eyes. If lots of people are linking to you “It must be good!”. A link-building strategy is crucial to the success of a campaign.
Social Media.
Social Media is not only a fantastic way to connect with your audience, but it is also being weighed in the search.

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  1. Man!!! The way you represent it, is does seems like a battle to me now, but I have been doing it and is not that hard, the only thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you must break any terms and condition given by Google, work according to their guidelines and keep you website and links safe from spam.

  2. Post

    Prince, ha, it’s true, and thank you for your comment. This may seem a little exaggerated but when speaking with clients I do feel this comparison is sometimes enlightening. Using white-hat techniques it takes both time and effort and to get the results a client has to commit to the process.

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