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Improving my home studio is somewhat of a hobby. I recently designed a custom laptop wall mount as shown below to reduce desktop clutter. When looking around for available products I found very few options. The best I came across was a vertical desk stand for Macbook Pros. The trouble with this design is it would take up precious desk space. So, I chose to design something myself.

What you see below is a collaboration between my father and myself. I provided the preliminary design concept and he made a few adjustments and built it in his workshop. It’s a functional design and perfectly suited for my needs. The materials include Peruvian Walnut, aluminum with felt padding to protect the laptop from scratches.

I do wonder if others have a similar need and am considering trying to create and market it as a product. Thoughts?

Laptop Holder

Laptop Holder

Laptop Holder

Macbook Wall Mount

Cole Elijah Web Studio

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  • Orla Weir

    I would be very interested in purchasing a wall mount such as this one. Is there any site I could buy these from?

    Many thanks,

  • Cris

    That’s exactly what I’m looking for. Do you have any for sale? Let me know…

  • Lee

    So are you selling these?

  • cole

    These are not for sale currently. When designing it I had considered producing them but have not taken any steps further. What do you think, would you be interested in a boutique, handmade one as shown or would you only want a more polished assembly-line model? Thanks!

  • Erin

    This is exactly what I was looking for! I hate that you don’t have them for sale (yet). As for my preference, I would prefer an assembly-line model that wouldn’t be too difficult to install. The location I’d like to mount my laptop at would be behind my desk, out of view from anyone but me, so a handmade version wouldn’t be necessary. I have a secondary monitor setup for my laptop, but it’s going to be hard to use a graphics tablet when my laptop takes up so much space! Please let me know if you ever do put these up for sale.

    Thanks, and God bless!

  • Steve

    I need one of these, yesterday

  • Robert

    Hello. I was recently looking into installing one of these near my bed (so I don’t have to get up to put my laptop away), and I was looking at using a magazine rack, but magazine racks generally aren’t sturdy enough. Does anyone know of a rack that I could buy that’s strong enough to support a laptop?

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