WordPress is the Best

With all the different Content Management Systems (CMS) available it is sometimes difficult to choose which one is best for you. Having worked with a number of systems over the years I have personally become a huge fan of WordPress. Since it’s launch in 2003 as blogging software it has come an amazingly long way and is now the most popular CMS used globally (downloaded 32.5 million times according to Wikipedia).

Why WordPress?

wordpressOpen Source – As an open source project there are literally thousands of developers working together to continually improve this system. By developing new plugins and functionality and identifying security threats this group of developers works hard to keep this system safe, secure and powerful. As an end user this means development and maintenance costs are reduced as well as build time.

Intuitive Interface – If you’ve ever dreamed of managing  your own website but don’t have the technical know-how it is now possible. Technology has finally reached a point that non-technical users can get along with managing their own websites to a great extent. Avoiding costly updates, delays and establishing more control the WordPress Admin Control Panel is pretty intuitive and makes this totally possible for most people.

SEO Friendly – The WordPress framework is built with search engine compliance in mind. There are tons of great plugins to maximize the potential, allowing fine tuning of meta data and site structure, but even out of the box this system puts a project on the right track.

Blog Ready – Frequently updating any website offers so many advantages both to users and search engines. The WordPress system began as a blogging software and has retained all of these features over the course of time. Built in commenting, comment administration, tags, categories and such can be configured to meet your content and audience requirements.

Have a WordPress Website Project?

As a web designer and developer I offer a full range of web services including everything WordPress. Whether you need just a basic install and set up or a custom theme designed to your projects specs I can help. Read more about my WordPress Design and Development Services.


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