Tulsa Car Guy

I’ve been into cars since before I could drive. I genuinely enjoy researching cars, buying and selling cars, working on and driving cars. My wife thinks I’m crazy but I even enjoy detailing cars!

I’ve been helping my friends sell their cars for almost a decade now and I’ve gotten skilled at both marketing and selling cars as well as readying them for market. In many cases I can add value to a vehicle through my efforts and make the process enjoyable for everyone involved.

So I present to you:

Tulsa Car Guy

I am just one guy, interested in cars, both buying and selling. I have been selling cars for my friends for years and consider it a hobby more than just a way to make money. I am not a dealer!

Before you trade your car in to the dealer give me the opportunity to help. I can often either make you a better offer than the dealership or market and sell your vehicle for you. Complete the Car Evaluation Form and I will contact you with details on how we can work together to get the most out of your car.

My goal is to get you a better price than dealer trade-in and spare you the hassle of dealing with strange buyers. It’s a win/win situation. You get your car sold, I get to fulfill my passion.

Visit the site – Tulsa Cars

Tulsa Cars - Tulsa Car Guy

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