So I’m trying to embrace the urban lifestyle as much as possible by Tulsa standards. A crucial step towards this is spending less time in the car. Fortunately for me I work Downtown, less than two miles from our home. Obviously, a bicycle is the ideal way of transport from both an environmental and fitness perspective, however, I’ve owned a bike since moving here and ridden it only about 20 times in total. It’s just not practical to bike with a suit on or to attend meetings or carry much of anything on a bike (I could come up with way more excuses too!). Bottom line was I continued to drive the truck to work rather than jumping on the mountain bike.

So, over the course of this bitter Oklahoma winter my interest in alternative transportation grew. I looked at LSV’s (Low Speed Vehicles), which have some pretty great tax advantages, especially in the state of Oklahoma, but are still quite costly and they look just like golf carts for the most part. I thought about a motorcycle but was always forbidden by my mother to own one (a street bike that is) and hope to keep myself alive.

It was then my father that brought to my attention that some motor scooters fall under different legal requirements than motorcycles. I read on to understand that bikes under 50cc engine size you do not need a motorcycle license to ride, which appealed to me so my wife or friends can jump on and take a ride. This in combination of a false idea that I would not need a license plate either (this is true for some states but not OK unfortunately).

In any case, I was interested and began researching different scooter options. I looked at the Honda Ruckus, the Yamaha C3 and Genuine Buddy 50 (all 50cc models) and determined that any would do and I was most interested in finding one used for a reasonable price. I began scouring Craigslist and ebay to see what I could come up with and found a pretty small inventory of used scooters in OK.

It came down to two different used options available and I pulled the trigger on a 2006 Honda Metropolitan. This model has been in production for a number of years and has a pretty big following among owners. They have their own forums and support group so there is a ton of information regarding maintenance and upgrades available.

Here are some pics of my first official ride on the new bike. It’s no speed demon but offers a comfortable, non aggressive ride and is able to reach about 35mph on the upper end.

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