Man-Zone Update

A much needed update on the basement. I’d been excited to get back to the basement project and finally made some time to do so. Since completing the electrical and partition walls I am finally getting the paint knocked out. I thought the “mid century orange” would give the room some life. It’s definitely bright but it makes the space seem much more enjoyable to me. I’ve still got one more light coat to go but the Behr paint I used (with primer in mix) covered amazingly well – I would highly recommend. I’d also been without water downstairs since I redid the plumbing with PEX. I had run the lines but had a very hard time figuring out the faucet situation. Being vintage cast iron built in sinks I could not find any type of faucet that would fit the pair of holes. I could have made the sinks work with hose bibs (like you see on a garden hose spigot) but I didn’t think that would be all that attractive and it would have been a hastle no doubt. I opted to craft my own faucet out of copper. This way I could convert over from PEX to copper as well as reduce down to one faucet rather than two. The head swivels to power either sink. I also built a wooden cutting board of sorts to cover one sink if not in use.

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