Lamento Boliviano Song

Dylan busted out this Nicaraguan folk song on his classical guitar while he was in town and we decided to record it. We didn’t have a full song in mind at the time but I recorded him as well as Wilson on the trumpet and bongos while I had them in the studio. We had less than an hour together this session so we were nowhere close to finished when we wrapped up that day, but got some great clips. I have been working on this trying to make a song out of it in their absence. I added drums, keyboards and pretty much all the other noise you here to reinforce the parts we created together. I am trying to create a world lounge feel I guess, or at least that’s what I’m hearing.  I am still open to editing if you guys have suggestions as far as format, beats, instruments, etc. Let me know what you think!

[audio:lamento-final.mp3] you can download this track by clicking here

Dylan – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard
Wilson – Trumpet, Bongos
Cole – Bass, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Electronic Drums
Wheeler – Keyboard, Electronic Drums

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  1. Hells yeah bro! Nice job mixin’ it up with the little we had laid down. Especially after 3:08! Check out Enanitos Verdes – Lamento Boliviano to hear the original inspiration.

  2. Amazing stuff for the short time period we had together. You’re the mixmaster, so I don’t think there’s anything I could have done better with the format, etc. I’m hoping to get some equipment of my own soon so we can pass stuff back and forth.

  3. Post

    I made a few revisions to the ending and created a link to download if anyone wants to rock this on their ipod.

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