What’s your Walk Score?

Where can you walk from here? This website will not only tell you what is within walking distance of your location but will also rank you based on their 100 point scale. Pretty cool if you are into Walkable Urbanism. Also, I respect this as a developer being that Walkscore has utilized Google’s content in a very beneficial way. I believe they have taken the Google Maps API and integrated this into their own app. I’m always a fan of utilizing existing technologies rather than reinventing the wheel.


My address scores 82/100 (very walkable). I knew moving in this address had a lot to walk to but its nice to see it rank well.

My work address scores 94/100 (walker’s paradise). Wow! As long as you are not there at night there is a lot to walk to.

They also have an iphone app that is pretty neat. Same data but it fits nicely on the phone and will tell you the score of your location as well as display the interactive Google map with hotspots for all the local destinations. This will be really handy when traveling I think.

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