Modern Tulsa Living in HIFI Tour

I co-manage an architectural advocacy group in Tulsa. Our goal is to preserve and promote Modern Architecture within Tulsa.

Our first official home tour, Living in HIFI, was a success! Thanks to the homeowners who not only graciously opened their homes to a bunch of strangers but had also obviously worked very hard in preparation. In total we had six homes within the Lortondale subdivision open this summer evening of various condition, taste and flavor. All were a great pleasure to stroll through, examining the original construction as well as the various updates made over the 50+ years of everyday living.

The after party at Dustin Thames home also went very well. An eclectic group stuck around as the sun set and enjoyed delicious grilled burgers, frosty beer and other accoutrement. The evening I feel was very special to many as our collective appreciation for modern design was shared this evening. Reminiscing about what Lortondale had been in its past and what it had become, the mood was very nostalgic yet still forward thinking. Those that were there seemed to share an appreciation for good design, good taste and a recognition of the good life.

A Special thanks to all our sponsors for their donations, the homeowners for opening their homes and everyone who purchased a ticket and attended this event.

Please enjoy this all encompassing photo set. I may try to break these up per home at a later date. I also hope to share spe

cifics as to ticket sales and money raised.

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