Illinois River Frosty Keg Float

Love in the Afterlife was asked to play at a big annual float trip. Somehow growing up in Oklahoma I had never been to the Illinois River on a float trip so I was thrilled for the opportunity. My bandmates all worked during the day but I met up with some friends bright and early for a float down the river. As you’d expect there were tons of people out in their canoes, rafts, tubes and anything else that would hold air. Lots of sun, plenty of beer and beautiful weather made this a great day. It was like Colorado or something, an unseasonably comfortable 85 degrees.

After the float I made my way up to the Falcon Floats area where the Frosty Keg Float was being held. Rarely do I know what to expect at with any show and oftentimes I find out plans have deviated and things are thrown off track. Not so here, this seemed a very organized event and they took great care of us. In fact we were given official VIP status and had run of the place including a Green room with food and beer and free T-shirts. Not exactly making it big but at least we felt appreciated.

We opened for Tulsa’s most renowned and probably best reggae band, Sam and the Stylees. We played our set as the sun was just beginning to head down to a fairly meager crowd. People were just gettig in from their floats and more interested in preparing their dinner or taking a nap it seemed, but good experience nonetheless.

Sam and the Stylees, who played quite a bit later, really woke people up. It seemed that everyone rolled out and partied down for some great tunes on the river. It was very much like a beach scene with the moon out and water behind us. People wearing swimsuits, campfire, hoolahoops, and of course lots of frosty keg beer.

Thanks for the invite guys. This is an event I am planning to attend next year!

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