Electrical Work Underway

As with any 89 year old house there are a few updates necessary along the way. In our case there have been far more than a few but I happen to enjoy that kind of thing. We are currently upgrading the electrical panel. Since we built the much nicer, taller deck the overhead lines are a little scary. Combined with the dangers of old wiring and the inconvenience of having fuses not breakers and so few circuits this upgrade will be a huge step up. To my surprise there was a huge discrepancy between pricing. I had called four electricians with varying legitimacy all of which wanted between $2000-6000 to do the job. I couldn’t believe the cost and was determined to do better. I ended up finding not one but two great guys of of Craigs List and had my choice of men able to do the job for $1200. This seemed fair considering the other bids I’d seen but did leave me responsible for digging the trench to accommodate the underground line.

I rented the trencher, then rented a couple of laborers and got the job done. Along the way a baby possum fell out of the tree right next to us, which you will see below. Additionally we found that a large snake living in the backyard. One of my daylabors was certain it was a rattlesnake but I can’t be sure yet but will think twice about going outside barefoot or digging around on my hands and knees. Eek!

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