new paint colors

We finally got down and dirty with some painting. I think every wall in the place was beige when we moved in. Allison gets most of the credit for the color choice but I took most of the responsibility for the actual labor.img_3467





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  1. love the new wall colors and the new toilet and flooring look great, glad I didn’t see any blood on the floor

  2. I’ll let you take credit for the living room, but I seem to remember doing most of the painting with my sister in the bedroom. You came along at the end to finish off the trim. Please give credit where credit is deserved!

  3. Looks awesome! Hope you didn’t have to caulk/paint over your pesky sister-in-law’s efforts. 🙂

  4. Post

    It’s true, you girls did some quality work in the bedroom. Once Adrienne took off it was obvious to me that I would be finishing the job.

  5. It’s as if you want to sleep on the futon tonight. You better be nice or my evil twin will emerge…

  6. I think you should include pictures of your stitched up hand wound to show the trouble you went through with that marmoleum.

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