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I was honored when my drummer buddy, preston roper, asked me to sit in with he and his buddies on bass. I didn’t know what to expect but judging from preston’s skills on the drums I had a feeling his colleauges would be capable themselves. As it turned out these guys could jam and may be some of the most accomplished musicians I’ve played with. It was very natural putting the songs together and it seemed we all played as one. I am digging the music we are making too. To me it seems like a pleasant culmination of Sublime, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz. Let me know what you think.


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  1. This brings back memories of you BLARING this music in the basement just below me while I tried to sleep. What pleasant memories…

  2. Allison, was that your voice in the last second of the song? I could only hear what appeared to be your voice saying “HEY…” and the rest was cut off. Perhaps it was “HEY, wouldja turn it DOWN? I´m trying to sleep!” Nice work Cole and bandmates. Awesome song! Can´t wait to hear it in the studio, or even better live and in person.

  3. I like the sound of your band, Cole! Is it an original tune? I can’t wait to hear the studio recording!

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